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BISE Faisalabad Board SSC Part 2 Result 2018 Matric 10th Class Results
BISE Faisalabad Board SSC Part 1 Result 2017 - Faisalabad Nine (9th) Class Result 2017 will be announced Tuesday August 2017 & available at
Get complete results of BISE Faisalabad Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Faisalabad, let you update about any result annual and Supplementary announced by BISE Faisalabad Board SSC Part 2 10th class Matric and SSC Part 1 9th class, you know the result announcement date. Faisalabad board conducts the examinations for secondary and intermediate examination for the students learning in Faisalabad city.
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Rehan (Faisalabad) Aug 01, 2017
I do not understand a one thing that why students cannot wait for their result . As they should wait for result with patience . There are number of candidiates who gave the exams . So it takes time buddy . The board does not work like a robot so you should give some time to board for checking the papers carefully .
Nadir (Faisalabad) Jul 26, 2017
I had given the exams of matric 10th class S.S.C Part 2 in 2016 last year . I thanks to Almighty ALLAH that I was passed with eighty five 85 % percentage in S.S.C Part 2 . But I could not continue my studies And i was unable to take admission due to some financial problems . But this year I am going to take admission in college . As I become strong financially .
Hussain (Faisalabad) Jul 23, 2017
When the date of supplementry exams will declare ? As I could not give my best in the exams of S.S.C Part 2 due to some problems . I know that I have to give the exam again of Physics and mathematics . As I am good in these subjects but due to my hard luck I did not attempt papers good .
Naveed Ali (Faisalabad) Jul 17, 2017
I observed the serious point about teachers that the good students work hard to fulfill their parents dream . But teachers are looking helpful for bad students . Yes for bad students because teachers don't care about students progress . When teacher does not observe students so it becomes easy for bad students to cheat in exams . And all the hard work of good students waste due to bad attitude of teachers .
Usman Achak (Faisalabad) Jul 14, 2017
I have finished eighth 8th class this year . I recently take admission in other school in ninth 9th class . I am so much confused about that Whether I choose biology OR Computer Science . My family is forcing me to choose Biology and some of my friends want me to choose Computer Science . As I want to choose Computer Science personally .
Mansoor Yousufzai (Faisalabad) Jul 11, 2017
I listened the sad story yesterday . My friend was telling me that the maid who works in his home like sweeping , washing E.T.C earns a money for her daughter and she is willing to pay the school fee as her daughter is the student of matric 10th class and this year she gave the exams of S.S.C Part 2 in 2017 .
Sharjeel Fakhar (Faisalabad) Jul 08, 2017
My father is a government officer in a company . He has been transferred to ISLAMABAD . I also have to settle in ISLAMABAD with my family . I am staying here for completing my documents . My school is delaying so much . I applied one month ago for school leaving certificate . The school did not reply me . As I went to school two OR three times but they did not give me a single answer .
Naveed Muzammil (Faisalabad) Jun 19, 2017
Students should wait more this year 2017 because the board of All Pakistan as well as Faisalabad , Pakistan was so busy due to census ( Mardam Shumaari ) . As this is the most beneficial for our society and for our country as well as for our education . After census though , they become busy in conducting papers of S.S.C Part 1 And 2 2017 . And now working for our result .
Shehzad (FAISALABAD) Jun 12, 2017
The result of BISE S.S.C Part 2 2017 has not announced yet . But I am so surprised because I started dreaming and I saw my result in night mare , and the result was great and awesome that I passed with flying colours with ninty 90 percentage % . I hope that I am gonna fulfill my dream .
Shahid (FAISALABAD) Jun 08, 2017
I am from Pakistan , Faisalabad . I have given the exams of S.S.C Part 2 Tenth 10th class in 2016 In Faisalabad . And I worked very hard to get A One Grade . And by the grace of ALLAH , I passed with 86 percentage % in S.S.C Part 2 examination . I want to be an engineer . Unfortunately I could not take admission in college last year due to my financial problems . This year I am ready to take admission in college In Pre Engineering . Kindly suggest me a college according to my percentage % .
Adnan (FAISALABAD) Jun 05, 2017
As we saw also in the past that the board of all PAKISTAN always get late for announcing the result.And never announce a result as the date they gave . Kindly check the papers without any delay . And announce the result quickly.
Sharjeel (FAISALABAD) Jun 04, 2017
As the students of Ninth 9th Class give their exams with good expectations .And wait for their results very eagerly.As It is the base for every student because it is the first 1st year of their board examination.Unfortunately, the result announces very late.
zahid ahmed (Faisalabad) May 26, 2017
After getting the Bise Faisalabad Result 2017 of SSC Part 2. I will shift in Lahore. My parents are just waiting for my result otherwise our preparations are complete to go at Lahore. I am sure that I will In Sha Allah pass in all subject.
Sir kashif (Faisalabad) May 22, 2017
Work Work and just Work!!! Kindly give the some relaxation to the board because they did census(Mardam shumari) before taking exams after they took your Matric papers and now they are busy For Making your Result of Matric class. They are human being not a Robots just give them time for making result. when result will prepare it will be definitely announce and we are trying for making result as soon as possible.
anum farooq (Faisalabad) May 18, 2017
The result has not been announced BISE Faisalabad Board SSc Part 2 yet and now my result is coming in my nightmare and I saw I get 90% and I top in my school but that was a nightmare. I am very tense for my result and I think that i will become a patient of depression due to my result I am requesting to the authorities that please announce the result soon.
Jabbar raza (Faisalabad) May 11, 2017
I can't wait more please BISE Faisalabad Board SSC Part 2 result announce before ramazan, through we can offer worship easily. If you announce the result after Eid so kindly inform us on officially website. I daily search on the official website of Bise Faisalabad board but still i do not have receive any answer of any question.
noman (Faisalabad) May 11, 2017
Bise Faisalabad ssc part 2 result last year kis date ko announce hoa tha, now what is the this year Faisalabad ssc part 2 Matric result 2017 date?
mudassir khanhh (Faisalabad) May 04, 2017
The examining body will declare the result on the set date and every year results are announced on fixed date. so why students you are asking the same question daily when the result will announce. please wait and give some time to the Board because Board is not a Robot. We should give some time to the Board for making the result.
mudassir khanhh (Faisalabad) May 04, 2017
The examining body will declare the result on the set date and every year results are announced on fixed date. so why students you are asking the same question daily when the result will announce. please wait and give some time to the Board because Board is not a Robot. We should give some time to the Board for making the result.
Tabish hameed (Faisalabad) May 02, 2017
I just come here for knowing about the schedule and result of my exams because this page gives the authentic information can you tell me that when will matric result announce from Faisalabad Board. I searched here every time for any important news and this web also provide latest update. Thanks We should appreciate who ever did the good work because when we appreciate someone he will energetic to do work enthusiastically.
Romaisa Khalil (Faisalabad) Apr 27, 2017
Yesterday I listened the story of a girl who's mother is maid and sweep the houses and she did the sweep houses with her mother. With doing that she was willing to continue her studies so one of the owner where she is doing the work carried out her education expenses and she studied and now she made many software and her news is on media and she also fame on social media. So the point is that education can change your life but first you should struggle.
Hamza saleem (Faisalabad) Apr 24, 2017
I have studied so hard for this exam and I have faced so many sacrifices to get education to this point that I feel that I am really letting them down. I can't really talk to anyone else about it because I think my family expects me to do really well and SSC Part 2 Bise Faisalabad Board is doing a really bad job my request is that announce my result soon.
Farrukh haider (Faisalabad) Apr 20, 2017
Why students you are asking the question when SSC Part 2 Faislabad Board result will announce?? just chill do not take tension just enjoy these moments and make fun. After giving exams I really feel relax and I do not have any tension in my life and that is why I do not want to see result announce soon.
Zain (Faisalabad) Apr 17, 2017
We all know that BISE Faisalabad Board SSC Part 2 Faisalabad Matric (Ten) 10th Class Result 2017 will come in the end of July & will available at So now I will visit BISE Faisalabad Board after three months.
SAFDAR (fsd) Dec 28, 2016
plz tell me when the result of Bise Faisalabad supplementary show?
Rizwan Khalid (Chiniot) Dec 08, 2016
12th ka suplly ka result KB ha
danish (faisalabad) Nov 10, 2016
Its good news BISE Faisalabad ssc part 2 supplementary result 2016 will announce tomorrow morning 10 am, hope our Bise faisalabad 10th class supply result will great.
akif (bise faisalabad) Nov 09, 2016
Bise faisalabad ssc part 2 supplementary result 2016 already announce, I request to Kasif ali, please sea Faisalabad supply result 2016 already mentioned top of website.
kashif ali (toba tek sing) Nov 03, 2016
plz confirm BISE Faisalabad SSC Part 2 Supple Result 2016 date.
Hadia (Gujranwala) Aug 26, 2016
Why result of BISE Faislabad board has not been shown on this website.I don't know weather it is announce or not yet...Please post the atest updates about result....
kainat asif (faisalabad) Aug 20, 2016
please show result on line
Allena (Fsd) Aug 20, 2016
Pleas view result BISE Faisalabad
bbar (sialkot) Aug 20, 2016
i need ruslt
Dawood (Faisalabad ) Aug 20, 2016
[email protected] ([email protected] ) Aug 20, 2016
waiting for bise faisalabad ssc part 1 result 2016 online time.
Tahir Javed (Faisalabad) Aug 18, 2016
My Faisalabad board SSC Part 1 (Nine) 9th Class Result 2016 will be announced on Saturday 20 August 2016 at 10:10 am. I am in tense condition right now. What will happen with my result. I do not know what will come in my result?? I really do not know. I am not aware about my performance in papers whether it will be good or bad as well. I think 20th August is the confirm date and it will not be change.
Zohra (Faislabad) Aug 17, 2016
My 9th class result of BISE Faislabad board is very near coming on this Saturday... Please Allah just cleared my All papers...Aameen
faisal (faisalabad) Aug 17, 2016
My school teacher say bise faisalabad ssc part 1 result 2016 will announce on 21st august but I sea date of faisalabad ssc part 1 result date is 20th August 2016, which one is correct date of faisalabad 9th class result 2016.
dawood (faisalabad) Aug 15, 2016
Its great website for BISE Faisalabad ssc part 1 students, who is waiting Faisalabad ssc part 1 result 2016, Punjab govt announce the date of bise faisalabad ssc part 1 9th result date is 20th August I also watch this date on
Sarmad (Faislabad) Aug 11, 2016
Finally i got to know the date at which my BISE Faislabad ssc 1 result 2016 will announce. Please Allah save me and cleared my all Papers with good grades.Aameen
Khawar Gul (Multan) Aug 08, 2016
Here I want to ask only one question that is 'If someone has become fail in any subject like I am in Physics so when will BISE Faisalabad board announce the supplementary paper date' ?? Please confirm me supplementary paper date and as well as about their forms.
Sadiq Alam (Faisalabad) Aug 04, 2016
My Uncle is in BISE Faisalabad board. And he knows my result of SSC Part I but he is not telling me and he is reacting angry on my result but I was sure when I gave exams that I will get at least 83% in SSC Part I result 2016 from Faisalabad Board. Now let see that What will happen ?? The result is not so far away from us !
umair (faisalabad) Aug 04, 2016
Thank you Shuiala Baji, for updating faisalabad ssc part 1 result 2016 date, I tank u again because I want you to get shire again
Shumiala (faisalabad) Aug 03, 2016
Farah baji, Faisalabad Nine class ssc part 1 result 2016 date is 19th August 2016, abb thank you bol ka sharminda mat karya ga.
Farah (Faislabad) Aug 01, 2016
BISE Faislabad board ka result august ki kis date ko announce hoga Please tell....I am waiting and scared also for result...
Misbah Chaudhary (bhowana) Aug 01, 2016
plz show result
Maria (Faislabad) Jul 28, 2016
Faislabad road result is always late.Please do announce the result soon as if i can't wait more for my result....
Rimsha Khalid (Faisalabad) Jul 27, 2016
We can not wait more or till the month of August please announce the result of BISE Faisalabad SSC Part 1 2016 Nine 9th Class result in just one week. We have given exams in the end of March. I think This is enough time to make or prepare SSC Part I students result. Our Faisalabad board works slowly and students have to survive.
Anum (Faislabad) Jul 23, 2016
I am waiting for my BISE Faislabad board SSC Part 1 result.I am so much worried and excited as well to know my result...Please all do pray for me....
Anum (Faislabad) Jul 23, 2016
I am waiting for my BISE Faislabad board SSC Part 1 result.I am so much worried and excited as well to know my result...Please all do pray for me....
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