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Punjab University BA/BSc & B.Com Part 1 & 2 annual exam 2017 results will be announced Soon & available at Check Your Result Here.
Punjab university abbreviated PU is one of the large universities in Lahore. According to the website the university of Punjab PU was established in 1882. The university of Punjab has a campus Allama Iqbal in which the academic subjects include architecture, design etc. studies. Computer studies are also there that’s why this university campus is recognized also by PUCIT (Punjab university college of information technology). The university also has a very large campus Quaid e Azam campus. This campus is spread over at a very large area in which there are lush green fields. The university of Punjab also has a campus in Khanaspur near the mountains in Ayubia region at a height.
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Misbah (rawalpindi) Aug 02, 2017
when bsc part 2 result come plzzz tell exact date???
Hamza (Lahore) Jul 31, 2017
I am doing M.S.C in petrolium department from Punjab University of Lahore . I have given the exams of first semester and ALHUMDULILLAH I passed these exams with good percentage . Just before three months I have given the exams of second semester . As the result has been announced which is not much good . I failed in three subjects . So I have to study this semester again . The University has put year back for me .
Mohammad Ali (Lahore) Jul 31, 2017
I am so excited to take admission in Punjab University of Lahore in English Language masters degree . As it was my dream that I must to take admission in Punjab University . As I am the only earning person in my home and I am serving to my whole family and I got admission with 100 % scholarship . I really appreciate to the educational department who encouraged me to continue my further studies .
Shakeel (Lahore) Jul 28, 2017
All the fields above in bio data about medical in Punjab University as (Bio technology , Bio Medical , Bio Physicology and Bio Chemistry etc ) . I want to ask that all these fields above belongs to Medical and , Is there any scope of these all fields in hospitals ? Because I have to take admission from one the department above .
Aslam (Lahore) Jul 27, 2017
I have taken apprantship in a multi national company according to my intermediate degree . But I have also completed B.S.C in mathematics and also doing M.S.C in petroloum from Punjab Univeristy of LAHORE . I am the only earning person in my home and serving to my family and also clearing the expenses of me as well for study and every thing . I need your prayers in life .
Shehroz (Lahore) Jul 26, 2017
The world is moving so fast in all aapects of life including Education , business , economics E.T.C . But our country is leaving behind in the que of progressive countries . I searched about top hundred universities of the world today . I did not saw any university which belong to Pakistan . Our government should improve the standard and level of education . As it is the basic need for every student .
Babar Javed (Lahore) Jul 25, 2017
I am going to apply fora job in a company as I have given the exams of M.C.S in Computer Science . I converted my degree into M.C.S . Computer Science is that field in which downs and falls come at regular basis . But you have to survive very carefully .
Gohar (Lahore) Jul 23, 2017
A one friend of mine who is graduated in Mathmatics and he finished his graduation from Punjab university . He started doing job of Cashier in a bank after completed his graduation . He started so well and his income was also a good . He was having his own car . Every thing was going fine suddenly he gave resigned to a bank because The job was Haram . He changed him self completely and attached himself to Islam . And now he gives bayan in other countries .
Hamza (Lahore) Jul 21, 2017
I am living in Lahore with my uncle and rest of my family lives in Bhalwal . As my father is running his business in Bhalwal of buying and selling . I am here for my studies . As I am studying double physics from Punjab University of Lahore . I want to make feel proud to my parents . And ALHUMDULILLAH I have just the exams of 1st semester and hoping the result as my parents expected .
Asad Bakar (Sargodha) Jul 19, 2017
Which one is the worthy department in Punjab University Of Pakistan ? As I have to take admission in Mathematics department and I want to clear some things because I came Lahore to study from abroad . As my rest of the family live in Sargodha so thats why I have to take admission here . My profession is teaching in mathematics thats why I want to study hard to get my level strong .
Mani (Lahore) Jul 18, 2017
As we all know that Punjab University is the largest university of all Punjab as well as the largest university of Pakistan . But today when I searched about top twenty universities of the world , there was no any name of any Pakistan's university . It hurt me alot about that our country has left behind in the que of developed countries .
Hamza (LAHORE) Jul 18, 2017
I started Masters in Software Engineering from Punjab University . I have done graduation in Software Engineering and want to continue further more in this field . As this field is related to my job . I am doing job in a multi national company . As I am the only earning person in my home . My father died in my childhood .
Abdullah Ali Khan (Lahore) Jul 15, 2017
I have given the exams of final semester in B.S in mathematics from Punjab University . I am expecting a good result and I hope I will passed with good G.P.A as this field belongs to my profession as well as my profession is teaching in mathematics . I am a maths teacher in a school and want to carry on this job and I want to get more success in my field as it is my passion .
Mani Jaleel (Lahore) Jul 13, 2017
Get the latest and recent updates about all results including S.S.C examinations , H.S.C Examinations and also universities results in all over Pakistan . Urduwire provides you the best platform to check your results updates and about further information . Keep in touch with . THANK YOU !
Ahsan (Lahore) Jul 13, 2017
The degree of university is very important for a student because it is an important source of job . If you have a degree you can do job easily in your field but even you have an experience and you are not a degree holder , it becomes difficult for you to settle yourself . That's why the degree has more worth than your experience . If you once study hard , you become successful in your field .
Ehtesham Idrees (Lahore) Jul 10, 2017
I am studying a medical technology in Punjab university for the past two years . The teachers are very helpful and sincere in their all tasks . I recommend this university who are looking for their admission in university , they should once visit in Punjab University . Especially to Lahore students .
Omer Farooque Sethi (Lahore) Jul 10, 2017
I have to take admission in Punjab University of Lahore . I am confused in choosing the appropriate field according to my profession . As I am teacher in school of mathematics . I want to carry on this profession and want to get more success ( Like : I want to teach in college OR University ) . I want a better guide from an experienced person .
Ayesha (Lahore) Jul 04, 2017
please inform me about the result of B.A part-II 2017.
Liaquat Kapoor Amir (Lahore) Jul 03, 2017
I have a degree of B.A in Computer Science from Punjab University Of Pakistan . I got this degree in 2008 . But I applied for job in bank . ALHUMDULILLAH , now I am doing job in bank and earning well but you all know that the job in banks are mostly HARAM . That's why now I am thinking for giving the resign and I want to do something related to my degree .
Hamza Gujjar (Shaheenabad) Jul 02, 2017
I advised to all the students who have to take admission in university that they should choose the field what they want . As it is not necessary to choose any engineering departments . As there are many side fields which have a very vast scope in all over the world . It is not necessary to take Engineering OR Medical . As it is the matter of life .
Arslan Ali Butt (Gujranwala) Jul 01, 2017
Dear Sir, Please inform me about the result of B.A-II 2017
Saad (Lahore) Jun 23, 2017
When the result of B.COM Final year will be announced ? It has been two OR three months since I gave the exams . And I am expecting a very good result because this time I studied hard to give my best . I have to apply for job and they are asking about my degree . I said It did not distribute yet . So they put me in awaiting list and I am just waiting for my result .
Fakhar (Lahore) Jun 20, 2017
I am very upset for my decision in S.S.C Part 1 for taking medical and I also chose medical in F.S.C . But now I want my Inter back . Because I cannot study medical more . It does not suit on me . It will ruin my career and my life as well . I Want that time again because I want to take computer science . In this case , I can do well .
Ahmad Mughal (Jeddah) Jun 19, 2017
When the result of B.COM Part 2 2017 in Punjab University will be announced ? As It has been a two months since I gave my exams
Usman Ali Khan (Lahore) Jun 18, 2017
Today I searched about top ten universities in the world . And there is too many literate universities included . But I am very unhappy and unsatisfied about that there is no any university of Pakistan included in the list . Our government should take very positive steps and initiatives to improve the education system and should be able to tackle the whole world .
Shahid Pagara (Jubail) Jun 17, 2017
What is the best field of engineering ? And which field has the great scope in all over the world ? Electrical , Chemical , Mechanical E.T.C . I am living in Jubail , Saudi Arabia . And here is no any well university so I have to take admission in Punjab University . Kindly answer my questions which I asked above .
Misbah-ul-Haq (Lahore) Jun 13, 2017
When the result of B.COM Part 2 2017 in Punjab University will be announced ? As It has been a two months since I gave my exams . And Now I am just waiting for my result and I expected a good result of mine . I want my G.P.A more than 3.1 . And hopefully I can get result and fullfill my exectation .
m.azhar (attock) Jun 13, 2017
i want to know exit date b.a result punjab university
Shehroz (Karachi) Jun 10, 2017
Punjab University is the largest university of Punjab as well as the largest university of Pakistan I think . Unfortunately , when I searched in google about Top Ten universities in the world . I did not see any university even Punjab university is not included . Our government should take some take positive steps to improve the progress and education policy better .
Ibrahim (LAHORE) Jun 07, 2017
Guys I want to be a Surgeon . I want to ask from You guys that , Is there any medical department in Punjab University ? If It is ? When admission will start in Punjab University ? Can I take admission online ? What are the needs and requirements for taking admission ?
Usman (LAHORE) Jun 06, 2017
I have to ask something from You Guys ! I Did not get the good percentage in Intermediate Exams . And I Want to take admission in a worthy department . I can not take admission through Open Merit and Entry Test . So I have to take admission through Self Finance . KIndly suggest me a good field .
Fahad Khan (Lahore) May 24, 2017
All the universities follow different schedule for the announcement of result at bachelor's level. The result is generally declared according to the exams commencement and each university takes two months in result declaration.Punjab University, BA/BSc/B.Com annual results announce soon. So for the year 2017 the Result of annual exams of bachelors will be published it will be uploaded at stay in touch with us for more updates.
Hira (Lahore) May 17, 2017
Every body is saying Pu is 2 years of Bachelors program but I think this is not a two years program because of we had given the exams of part 2 in the month of February instead of December. other than, still we are waiting for the result but still don't know how when the result will announce?? So, the one year is wasted for waiting result.
Najam (attock) May 13, 2017 website show the schedule of BA BSC B com part 1 and part 2 result announce last year date, it also available date of of BA BSC exams 2017 online, its great Punjab university lahore website, who provide best online education news update in portal
naima akhter (Lahore) May 10, 2017
I have given the exams of pu B.A part 1. Now i am waiting for my Punjab university result and i am very excited for my result because i have given the paper really good in sha Allah i will get A grade. please announce the result before Eid-ul-Fitar.
mahi (Lahore) May 08, 2017
Punjab university is the biggest university of Pakistan but I was searching the news of top 100 universities but i was very disappointed in the top ten list do not have any one university of Pakistan. Please upgrade our educational policies we are getting down day by day and the world is moving forward I request to the Government of Punjab kindly look after the our educational system.
Hanif danish (Lahore) May 03, 2017
Every year board Punjab university issue their prospectus in the month of November and the departments of test base the test will conduct by the NTS in the month of December and after one week and you can check online your NTS test based results. on open merit departments do not have required to pass the test just required Inter percentage% to enter the department.
Maha (Lahore) Apr 28, 2017
When part 1 result will announce? Punjab University had taken papers late so you have a responsibility to announce the result on time. People said is easy but I think is not easy not for education only for passing the exams because university also give result of in each year only 18% so you think that many students are taken admission in but they become fail due to the policy of university. My advice is kindly don't play the future of students.
fizza Jamshaid (Lahore) Apr 26, 2017
Punjab University BA/BSc & B.Com Part 1 & 2 annual exam 2017 results will be announced Soon and you can check your result easily on This website provide you a facility to check your online result. I want to take admission in Master in evening what is the procedure and when form will issue if anyone else know so please guide me.
Khizra Qasim (Lahore) Apr 22, 2017
This year I have given the exams of Part 1 from Punjab University. This year they took exams very late infect the exams would be held in the month of December but they took in March and i want to ask the PU when The part 2 exams will conduct? will you conduct March or December?? kindly inform us on officially website because many times I asked questions about result but they did not answer of any questions.
Basharat Jaleel (Lahore) Apr 19, 2017
Punjab University BA/BSc & B.Com Part 1 & 2 annual exam 2017 results will be announced Soon. According to the website the university of Punjab PU result will announce after ramazan or before ramazan due to the summer season teachers are not well that is why result will not announce soon on the other hand teachers were busy in census(mardam shumari)that's why result not make on the time kindly wait for some days more.
aqsa zaheer (sialkot ) Feb 21, 2017
Plz tell me my result BA semster 4
Abdul jabbar (Gujjar khan-Rwp) Feb 15, 2017
aj B.com1 2016 supply ka result tha abi tk ku nai aya....koi exat date bataio jab ah jay result
javad (lahore) Feb 09, 2017
13 Feb ko a rha ha result 10am....
talha (sargodha) Feb 07, 2017
Result kb a rha hai ??? Bcom part 2 supplementary ka 6 Feb tu cnfm th 6 ko b nh aya ????? Kb ana hai pleaseee btye koi????
Sana (lahore ) Jan 25, 2017
Ksi k ghar ba supply ka result aa gya h? mere ghar ni aya abhi tak
ommimazafar (lahore) Jan 22, 2017
bcom part1 2016 ki suply k result ki date btain
Haya (chakwal) Jan 21, 2017
Lgta ha py NY paper ghom KT dye
hani (jehlum) Jan 20, 2017
Allah ajae result kitna wait kren orr😓😒
imran (lahore) Jan 19, 2017
Result kb ha supply ka?
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