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BISE Rawalpindi Board SSC 2 Result 2018 Matric 10th Class Results
BISE Rawalpindi Board SSC 1 Result 2017 nine (9th) Class Result will be announced Tuesday August 2017 & available at

Get the latest and updated results of Rawalpindi Board SSC Part 1 & Part 2 Results 2017 Nine 09th and 10th Class Matric Result at, Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Rawalpindi which was founded in October, 1977, gives educational and examination services for Rawalpindi district. The excellence of edification is an essential fragment of it which assists to attain the goal of enhanced examination scheme and founding its veracity. You can get all the updates of the Rawalpindi Board SSC results here.
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Shaheer (Rawalpindi) Aug 01, 2017
According to the information above , the S.S.C Part 2 result 2017 has to be announce today at 10:00 A.M . But from Rawalpindi board , I did not see any news and updates about result . As they should announce the date of result as soon as possible . Students are feeling so sad about their result . So please announce the result and release the tension of students .
Nemat (Rawalpindi) Jul 31, 2017
A one of my childhood friend who struggled so hard in his life for his success . He recieved his early education in Karachi . His family was not financially strong . He started working at tea spot in Karachi . He completed his school life at the age of 16 . And he did not give up and kept continue his further studies and at the age of 24 he completed his electronics engineering and started job and now he is earning so well and exploring the world .
fozia jabeen (gujer khan) Jul 31, 2017
Please send me result i lose my rollnumber slip and i forget my rollnumber
Tahir Ashrafi (Rawalpindi) Jul 28, 2017
The result of S.S.C Part 1 is the most awaiting reault of all time . As students give the exams confidently as it is their first year ever to appear in a board examinations . So it is the first hope of students and If they click well in their first board exams so they will become more confident for their future career . We should also motivate the students .
Mubashir (Attock) Jul 27, 2017
Plz my result have show
Najaf (Rawalpindi) Jul 26, 2017
My father do job in arms and ammunitions industry in Wahcannt . So he is earning so well for rest of my family as we are living in Rawalpindi . I am studying in Rawalpindi and recently I have given the exams of S.S.C Part 1 2017 . I have to go to meet my father as it has been a long time since I saw my father . So I am eagerly waiting for that moment .
abass zahid (jhelum) Jul 25, 2017
show the matric 2017 result Rawalpindi board
Zain Ali (Rawalpindi) Jul 25, 2017
I am really surprised that the result of BISE S.S.C Part 2 2017 has been announced today at 10:00 A.M . I watched in a news that the passing percentage ratio was more than seventy two percent 72 % . It means that the majority of students are working hard to achieve their goals . I advised them to carry on this performance .
Saleem Raza (Attock) Jul 25, 2017
SSC part1 ka result kab announced ho Ga
Parsa Amir (Rawalpindi) Jul 25, 2017
Fakhar (Rawalpindi) Jul 23, 2017
If you want to study hard in S.S.C Part 2 and if you are looking for a tuition so do not worry . I will help you . I have given the exams of S.S.C Part 2 in 2017 and I did not know even about L.C.M in mathematics . As my teacher helped me to understand about L.C.M . And due to his hard work for me I understood so many things and I am going to get 95 marks in mathematics . As my teacher has done B.S.C in mathematics . If you want to study maths from him , so comment on the link above in URL . I will read your comments .
Shahrukh (Rawalpindi) Jul 23, 2017
The result of S.S.C Part 2 2017 is very near to announce . The heart beat of students are getting hard and the nervousness of students are increasing so I advice to all students that they should pray for themselves for their better result . Always be positive and never give up on your dreams .
Shahid (Rawalpindi) Jul 19, 2017
A very important task had completed in this year 2017 . And the task was taking census in all over Pakistan . The board of all cities had played a vital role for the progress of Pakistan . They did not deny from their task even in this hot summer and put their life at risk . As there was a chance of heat stroke during census .
Nasir (Rawalpindi) Jul 17, 2017
The board of Rawalpindi should improve their standard . I observed some evils in Bhawalpur . Some peoples leaked the papers of matric 10th class S.S.C part 2 which became helpful for students to pass easily . It shows that there is no any importance for conducting the exams . If you will interact with this level of board your life can be ruin seriously .
Mohammad Amir Gujjar Chaudhary (Rawalpindi) Jul 17, 2017
Most of the students complain that there are alot of responsibilities on us and also a huge burden of study that's why we cannot study hard . So today I advice them give your precious time to study because it the real age of it . If you will not study hard today so this chance will dropped for you later so it is good for you to study .
Shahzaib Khubaib (Rawalpindi) Jul 14, 2017
There are number of students who do not want to study . They take the education very lightly . As they do not know about the worth of education . Their parents dream becomes into water and their all dreams spoil and you all know that " LIFE DOES NOT GIVE YOU A SECOND CHANCE " . So always follow your elders advice . Their life are full of experience . So try to gain some knowledge from your elders .
Mohammed (Rawalpindi) Jul 13, 2017
I chose biology in 9th class but now I want to switch to computer science. Now I am in 10th class of matriculation. But problem is that Rawalpindi board says that they cant change it because once chosen cannot be changed. I have stopped my matric papers because of this problem. What to do now tell me .
Naqi (Rawalpindi) Jul 11, 2017
The board of Rawalpindi should be ashamed for their bad sins . They are playing with students life . I gave my best in S.S.C Part 1 examination 2016 as I expected more than eighty 80 % . But they dishearted me and my family and teachers . They believed on me for my better result but due to carelesness of board I failed in one subject .
Babar (Rawalpindi) Jul 10, 2017
My father lives in Wah Cantt , Pakistan . I live in Rawalpindi with rest of my family for my better education . This year I gave matric 10th exams of S.S.C Part 2 in 2017 . I want to fulfill my father's wish that I should be passed with A-One Grade with eighty 80 percentage % but I tried my level best to score as high as I could and expecting a good result .
syed naima (jehlum) Jul 10, 2017
show result ssc part 2
Mansoor Khanzada (Wah Cantt) Jul 08, 2017
I advised to all the students who are getting confused for choosing the field in S.S.C Part 1 . Not take pressure at any cost . If you want to study about medical in your future . Choose medical science , my teachers forced me to choose medical in S.S.C Part 1 . This wrong decision impacted on my result very badly . My marks in all subjects was much better but Biology paper reduced my marks which reduced my percentage as well . I just passed with 68 perentage % .
Ayub Khan (Rawalpindi ) Jul 03, 2017
I have worked so hard in ninth 9th class S.S.C Part 1 examination 2016 . I did my papers so well and I expected an A-One Grade more than eighty 80 % . But unfortunately , the board of Karachi did not pay a good attention and they dis hearted the students so much and they lose hope of students as well as lose their confidence .
Ahsan (Rawalpindi) Jun 30, 2017
What is the difference between federal board OR any City board (Karachi , Lahore E.T.C) ? What is the unique and specific thing about federal board ? Which One is better ? Are all the subjects common in both ? Because I have to take admission in Rawalpindi . Thats why I am asking about it
Kamran Razzaq (Rawalpindi) Jun 23, 2017
As the result of Federal board has been announced before two days . I want to ask that the federal board conduct the exams in only Punjab Province OR even in other provinces as well . I just reached Rawalpindi to study hard and my whole family are living abroad . As I have to take admission in Rawalpindi and just want to know better opportunities .
Kaleem Ali Jam Khwaja (Rawalpindi) Jun 21, 2017
The Rawalpindi board is really an appreciable for their day and night hard work . I really appreciate to Rawalpindi board . They conducted the examinations of S.S.C Part 1 And 2 . In every paper , the board team and external came to centre to take some observation about cheating and students . And this year , the cheating ratio was no more .
Mehfooz Alam (Rawalpindi) Jun 19, 2017
What should I take in BISE S.S.C Part 1 , Computer Science OR Biology ? As I am new in Pakistan . I was studying in Dubai . And now I came to Pakistan to study hard . So I am looking forward to take admission in a better school . But now a days there are holidays of summer season in all over Pakistan . So I will take admission after summer holidays .
Mani Bangash (Rawalpindi ) Jun 18, 2017
Is there any date announced about result of S.S.C Part 2 2017 ? I have given my S.S.C Part 2 exams and waiting for my result for two OR four months , as I did the papers very well and expecting a very good percentage . But , unfortunately board does not give pay attention and just check the papers and mark the mistakes by their own mentality . As demoralize the students too much .
Admin (Rawalpindi) Jun 15, 2017
Get your result updates and every type of information you want through . We are here for you to entertain you and relase your stressed of tension . You can watch every latest videos about sports , Politics , Entertainment etc through this website . And gives update of every board including (Federal Board , Intermediate ) .
Hasan (Rawalpindi) Jun 12, 2017
The result of S.S.C Part 2 2017 examination science group of Rawalpindi board will bw announced on 31st July 2017 . It is final date , i have conformed from a board person . Please pray for all the students to get success in exams . As I have to go abroad to meet my parents .
Sharjeel Khan (Rawalpindi) Jun 11, 2017
I have failed in some subjects in S.S.C Part 1 2016 . And I have given the supply exams of S.S.C Part 1 in 2017 with my matric 10th class exams S.S.C Part 2 in 2017 . Is the result of my supply papers in S.S.C part 1 will announce with the result of S.S.C Part 2 2017 ? Kindly update me about this .
Hamza (LAHORE) Jun 08, 2017
My father works in the company of making weapons ( Bullets , Pistols , Rifles etc ) in the city of Pakistan , Wah Cantt . As I am in Lahore for study . And I recently gave examination of tenth 10th class S.S.C Part 2 2017 . I have to meet my father in Wah Cantt . Kindly Update me about the date of result of S.S.C Part 2 2017 examination .
Danial (Wah Cant) Jun 07, 2017
Please Tell me If someone fails in S.S.C part 2 examination in all papers . So what is the next process of giving papers and the action from board . I am in terrible tension right now . Because i couldnot study hard and couldnot gave my 100 percent % .
Shahzaib (Wah Cant) Jun 05, 2017
As the heart beat of students are getting very fast for the sake of their result . And I hope that board of RAWALPINDI will not delay more for announcing the result of Matriculation ..S.S.C Part Two
Bilal (Rawalpindi) Jun 04, 2017
Urduwire the only website who gives a better and rapid update for the result of every board.And I am also waiting for my result of Ten (10th) Class.Kindly give every update about the result as You get.
admin (rawalpindi) May 24, 2017
Get the latest and updated results of Rawalpindi Board SSC Part 1 & Part 2 Results 2017 on . your result also update when the board release the result.
nadeem syed (rawalpindi) May 17, 2017
This web is best for knowing about the schedule and result of my exams because this page gives the authentic information can you tell me that when will Matric result of BISE Rawalpindi board SSC Part 2 result announce???because its too late now..
Wanher (rawalpindi) May 10, 2017
I am not tense for my result i don't think that board should announce the result soon i think board should take his time and give the authentic result after Ramazan. So just chill and do not tense for the result of BISE Rawalpindi Board SSC Part 2 result 2017.
asif usman (rawalpindi) May 08, 2017
This time heart beat working of every student is very fast. My hope all students get pass with flying colors. Admin please tell us which time result of SSC part 2, Bise Rawalpindi Board will show on Matric result decide our future that is why i am very keen on to see the result.
waseem haneef (rawalpindi) May 03, 2017
The students are very keen to view their results. will display the result and all the candidates can get their result online right from here. BISE Rawalpindi Board official website sometimes gets overloaded due to heavy traffic of ssc students so the candidates can view their results on The websites publishes all the news updates so stay in touch to remain updated.
Yaseen Malik (rawalpindi) Apr 28, 2017
Count down has started now only 30 days are left for announce the result of SSC Part 2 from Rawalpindi Board. I saw that news on officially website of Bise Rawalpindi Board this is authentic news. My prays also with you don't be disheart if you will fail try it again and again and one day you will achieve what do you want to be.
Rahat Shakeel (rawalpindi) Apr 26, 2017
The papers of Bise Rawalpindi ssc 2 class was very easy, I did well in the papers of Matric 10th class now i am waiting for my result insha Allah i will get a good grade. Do you know when the result of SSC Part 2 from Rawalpindi Board will announce the result?? If you know about this please share here your information.
Shams (rawalpindi) Apr 22, 2017
Bise Rawalpindi is most important city of Pakistan because it generate many educated persons in all over Pakistan. The education system of Rawalpindi Board is very good in Punjab. Now this time all students of SSC Part 2 are waiting for results. When will the result announce i can't wait more.
Saim Ahmed (rawalpindi) Apr 19, 2017
Get the latest and updated results of Bise Rawalpindi Board SSC Part 2 Results 2017 Nine 09th and 10th Class Matric Result at, Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Rawalpindi. also update the result on time and you will not have to face any type of difficulties. I have a good experience i checked every year my result on so I recommend you this website.
taskeen zahra (rawalpinddi) Jan 16, 2017
Muskaan Malik (Rawalpindi) Dec 17, 2016
rawalpindi board ka supplmemtry result kb aa raha ha plzz infome me
zubair Rathore (rawalpindi,islamabad) Dec 12, 2016
result please
ibrahim faisal (rawalpindi) Nov 12, 2016
result please
Iqrar (jehlum) Nov 11, 2016
thanks for upload bise rawalpindi ssc part 2 supply result 2016 online website.
fahad (attock) Nov 10, 2016
Bise Rawalpindi ssc 2 supplementary result 2016 count down has been started, we all are waiting for bise rawalpindi 10th supply result 2016 announce online.
Naveed (BISE Rawalpindi) Nov 10, 2016
BISE Rawalpindi SSC Part 2 Supply result 2016 about to upload after 36 hours, we all wait for Matric supplementary result 2016.
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