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SSC Part 2 Result 2017 Science & General Group

SSC Part 2 Result 2017 Science & General Group Karachi Matric 10th Results

Updates: SSC Part 2 Result 2017 Science & Group Group Karachi Board will be announced Tuesday 25th July 2017 & available at
SSC Part 2 Result 2017 - The online result of Karachi Board SSC Part 2 Result 2017 Science & General of Matric 10th Ten Class are offered by the with the most convenient result searching tool, the results is going to announced all over Karachi for the students who have given the examination of SSC Part 1 Science General of Nine 09th Class. Check reviews, look for latest updates regarding result announcement and exams. Being a largest city in Pakistan, there are thousands of students this year in 2016 who have given examination which has been challenging for the board of Karachi. It typically takes 4 to 5 months in preparing result of Matric SSC board due to the large strength of male and female candidates give examination from Karachi board. BSEK or Board of secondary Education Karachi is considered to be the largest boards all over Pakistan due to high registered number of students every year. BSEK or Board of secondary Education Karachi is responsible for conducting examination in Karachi, registering institutions across the city and prepare results after any examination.
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MSJ (Khi ) Jul 20, 2017
Aaa result kab aarey la a.
Usman (Karachi) Jul 19, 2017
Being an honest and patriotic person of my country , I really advised to the government that they should take a serious steps against some evils people in board . As they are really looking helpful for students who are trying to put their source in board and want to pass their exams without any hard work .
Babar (Karachi) Jul 18, 2017
The students should focused on their studies seriously as Life only gives you a single chance so utilize this chance preciously . But students do not take their studies seriously and do not work hard . As parents does not pay more attention on their children studies . As they should give lectures and encouraged them to utilize this precious time .
Salman (Karachi) Jul 17, 2017
The result of BISE S.S.C Part 2 is very near to announce . As the time is coming for students to get the fruits of their hard work . I hope they all will be passed with flying colours . But you know " AS YOU SOW , SHALL YOU REAP " .This statement is true . But we can pray from ALLAH . Happy and best wishes to all the students for their result .
hasanashfaq (karachi) Jul 17, 2017
Gernal group SSC part 2 result
muhammad nawaz khan (karachi) Jul 17, 2017
Ssc p2 result when announce?
Khalid Chushti (karachi) Jul 15, 2017
The board of Karachi is known as briber . Yes It is known as briber because if you want to do something good to you so you need to give bribe for that work because you know it is PAKISTAN . Even this happened with me as well . As one of my class fellow set a dealed with the briber of board for getting more than eighty 80 percentage % without any hard work . As I saw it from my own eyes .
Ihsan (Karachi) Jul 13, 2017
I moved to Saudi Arabia 10 years ago. Now I moved back to karachi and I had given Matriculation exams in Suadia Arabia. Now hoping for good result in matriculation. I am confused between what to do either go for A levels or Intermediate. Because if I choose A levels then I can give only three or four subjects. But in Intermediate I have to give 7 subjects in each year. So advice me guys.
Haris Nasir (Karachi) Jul 13, 2017
In the last couple of years , the board of all cities in Pakistan had delayed the result of matriculation examinations S.S.C Part 1 and S.S.C Part 2 . But this year it will be annouced early even this year the staff of board was busy in taking census in all over Pakistan . It is a good sign for our education and It will create awarness among the people and students .
hamd tajwani (kracih) Jul 13, 2017
Karachi (Karachi) Jul 10, 2017
The people in Karachi board are not sincere with their job and they are working selfishly . Once I observed some people spreading rumours about the board that they just find their own benefits . But when I faced a problem by the board , I admitted that those rumours were the reality of Karachi board . The Karachi board disappointed me so much in S.S.C Part 1 examination 2017 by their unjust checking .
Najam Ali jaffri (karachi) Jul 10, 2017
SSC 2 result came after 3 months and SSC 1 result came on 31 July 2017 ready all students
Khalid Ali Gujjar (Karachi) Jul 10, 2017
During this hard long wait of result , I started English language course which is about six months which will be beneficial for me . I created the habit of reading English books and English novels which shall be helpful for me in future . You can impact someone through English language ( In jobs , in International countries E.T.C ) .
nisar (karachi) Jul 09, 2017
result kab show ho ga
nisar (karachi) Jul 09, 2017
result kab show ho ga
jansher (karachi) Jul 04, 2017
kab ssc 1 ka result ae ga
Shahzaib Khanzada (Karachi ) Jul 03, 2017
As the result of Karachi board S.S.C Part 2 2017 examination is becoming near , the student's heart beat is increasing day by day . They are becoming more anxious about their result . Because this result may be their life turning point either to choose their desired field in the forth coming future .
Javed (Karachi) Jul 02, 2017
I born in Karachi but I settled in Saudia Arabia due to my father's job . But now ALHUMDULILLAH I have done O-Levels from Saudia Arabia . And now I came back Pakistan to study . I am waiting for my result . After that the process of admission will start . They are asking about Migration Certificate and I did not get it yet . Please pray for me to get admission easily without any sort of problem .
Abdullah Gujjar (Karachi) Jun 23, 2017
The controller of Karachi Board of Education who conducts S.S.C Part 1 And S.S.C Part 2 examinations is my best friend . I asked him about the result of S.S.C Part 2 2017 examination . He replied that this year , the students will get relaxed because the result will be declared after this blessful month Ramadan and after the religious festival Eid-Ul-Fitr . As it is the good news for all the students who appeared in S.S.C Part 2 examination 2017 .
Laila Malik (Karachi) Jun 21, 2017
I heard the news that 2017 result of Federal Board in all Pakistan has been announced . It depends on a condition that the students who passed with flying colours and achieved what they saw in nightmare will spend a very happy and pleasureful Eid . But despite of it , the students who could not achieve what they expected will be feeling guilty and it has been so dishearted for these students .
Kaleem Khan Ali Jam Bangash (Karachi) Jun 20, 2017
Get your updates of result of every board including ( Matriculation , Intermediate ) . The board conducts the exams for every board . And the Karachi board is paying a very good attention . We will here to update you at each and every step . We have a co-ordination with board of Karachi Education .
Admin (Karachi) Jun 18, 2017
Get your updates about result quick at this website . As It provides you a better platform . I recently get updated from Matric Board Of Karachi , Pakistan that the result of S.S.C Part 2 2017 matriculation will be announced at 31st July 2017 OR at the first week of August 2017 . So stay tuned for further updates .
Nauman Khan (Karachi) Jun 17, 2017
ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM ! I am Hamza Nasir HN . I am the student of Petrolium Department in Karachi University of Pakistan . I have just passed my S.S.C Part 2 examinations in 2010 . A problem created by board for me due to carelesness of Karachi board . The problem is they wrote my father name wrong and they are claiming me as it is there mistake . So tell me What can I do further more ? As It did not create any problem .
Huzoor Baksh (Karachi) Jun 15, 2017
As It is the old trend and old trend of the girls to cry and they starts craming if they get 85 percentage % even . And If you see boys , they feel really happy and pleasure after getting just passing marks forty 40 specially in S.S.C Part 1 And 2 examinations . Boys should take their school board exams of S.S.C Part 1 And 2 seriously because it is the basic opportunity for every student .
Hunain (Peer jo Goth) Jun 13, 2017
Someone tell me please , How much and What are the subjects in general group in both ninth 9th class and tenth 10th class ? And tell me also that What are the common subjects in general group and science group in both S.S.C Part 1 and S.S.C Part 2 . Please guide me with honesty as i have to take admission .
Sunny (Karachi) Jun 11, 2017
I have given the S.S.C Part 2 examination 2017 Tenth 10th class this year . And I am free now since two months . As I have free time for six months . And I started doing some courses to gain some experience and to enhance my knowledge . And I am waiting for my S.S.C Part 2 result 2017 . INSHALLAH ! I will be passed with A.One Grade as I expected .
Usama (Karachi) Jun 10, 2017
As we all know that Board of Secondary education Karachi is the Largest board of SINDH , which conduct the examinations of Science group and general group of S.S.C Part 1 and 2 . And every year students are increasing too much to appear in examinations . And that's why the results of both groups delay too much , which hurt the students so much .
Usman (Hyderabad) Jun 07, 2017
As The students get free when they give their exams of S.S.C Part 2 . And they feel very relieve because they have their free time for six months . But unfortunately , students doesnot spend their precious time for any course OR to gain some experience . As they should utilize their time for getting some good experience .
Umer (Karachi) Jun 06, 2017
I am requested to chairman of Karachi board to take notice about the cheating in S.S.C Part "1 and 2" 2017 . Some crucial persons in Board leaked the papers of matric and which is very poor act .I hope that chairman of board will take positive steps for the improvement of board .
Prince Sheryar (Islamabad) Jun 04, 2017
I want to see my result of ssc part 2 as soon as possible...
nisar (Karachi) May 26, 2017
I was giving very hard time to my studies because my percentage is very low in class 9, and i want to get good percentage in my exams of Matric class in board exams, it is my last chance to increase my percentage, In Sha Allah, i will achieve my aim.
zubair (Karachi) May 22, 2017
During the long hard wait of result I have done many things I have done course of English for improve my English skills and also study some books and get information about my next syllabus but I think that BISE Karachi Matric Board of SSC Part 2 esult should be update now I know I get a good marks but this is very intense period for me.
Aslam (Karachi) May 22, 2017
SSC Part 2 all students who have made Matric 10th class exams in 2017, are waiting for result date and month, now this year Board announce date after eid of Matric class exams, in july 2017 Matric ten calss result will announce.
yasir tabassum (Karachi) May 18, 2017
Karachi is the big city of Pakistan but unfortunately the education system of Karachi in government sector is very bad still our Matric result has not been announce due to the corruption in education system kindly do not play the future of the students.
tariq (Karachi) May 17, 2017
This is free time for all Matric students who have given exams of ssc part 2 and the summer season we are unable to do work like doing courses of English language and computer course. So it is better for us you do your work with honestly and announce the Karachi board ssc part 2 result on time not so early.
Arham siddiqui (Karachi) May 11, 2017
CM of sindh still sleeping, Nowadays in Karachi have 42 degree temperature and the government of Sindh announce the summer vacation on 1st June, for your kind information Ramazan-ul-Mubarak will be started on 27th or 28th May. So, please announce the Summer vacation before Ramazan. kindly wake up.
yaqoob (Karachi) May 10, 2017
its true Karachi board ssc part 2 result 2017 will again announce last of month july 2017, hope fully Matric 10th class result 2017 till announce 31st july 2017, its great sign for Karachi board.
Naheed (Karachi) May 09, 2017
Karachi board ssc part 2 result 2017 again announce this year month of july, because this is Sindh pm directly look education department, and cm announce this year Matric 10th class result announce early, I hope all students of ssc part 2 Karachi board are satisfied about cm statement.
tariq (Karachi) May 06, 2017
ssc part 2 result 2017 Karachi board science group this year also announce in month of July 2017, I read news on hamariweb about Karachi board ssc part 2 result 2017 date, board has starting working to make 10th class Matric result, hope after few days board will give us information to final date of result.
Khalid Fahad (Karachi) May 04, 2017
Students have given their exams of Matric class from Karachi Board and they are setting idle we should not waste our precious time we can do some important course like computer, english language and much more things we can do it. because this time will never come back in our life so we should save this time and don't waste time for waiting the exams. result will announce after Eid-ul-Fitar.
wajahat agha (Karachi) May 02, 2017
The papers of Ninth class was very easy, I did well in the papers of Ninth class and success to get A Grade. In Matric I also did the exam very well now i am waiting for result Insha Allah I will get good grade in the SSC Part 2 as well.
Sir Shahrukh (Karachi) Apr 24, 2017
Today is Physics Paper of SSC Part 2 Karachi Board and I think this year Board Make a paper easy because the rumors surrounding that the exams has taken late that's why the paper will be difficult. But they said wrong today is third paper of Matric class and all three paper are very easy just 2 papers are remaining one is urdu and the other is lslamiat and these papers are already easy as compare than the other subject.
Sir Shams (Karachi) Apr 20, 2017
Tomorrow Karachi Matric students paper of Mathematics this is a second paper of ssc part 2. I have taught many students of Karachi board 10th class and my wish every student will pass with a good marks. Maths is difficult for some students but many students love to maths. My prayers always with you give your best and try the best for all students who will give the exams on tomorrow.
Rafey (Karachi) Apr 17, 2017
SSC Part 2 Result 2017 of Science and General Group Karachi Matric 10th Results will come in the mid start of August or might be possible it will come in the mid of July. General Science group result will come before the result announcement of Science group.
sabahat shah (karachi) Apr 04, 2017
martic ki date sheet kb aege......2017 ki?
Sir Khalid (Karachi) Mar 12, 2017
SSC part 2 annual exams 2017 date has been changed, due to census ( مردم شماری) news date of Karachi board ssc part 2 exams 2017 April 2017, kindly communicate to your school teachers about ssc part 2 exams date 2017.
ibaan azeem (dubai) Mar 06, 2017
metric ssc part 2 supply 2017 ma agya ha result show nhee horha ap friends sa request ha k mera result check karen aap ke server ma horha ha showw ya nhee
imtiaz (Karachi) Feb 25, 2017
Please sir batao kab result show hoga
Tariq (Karachi) Feb 23, 2017
Supply Karachi results kab aye ga 2nd year ka
Yasir (karachi) Jan 28, 2017
bhai 10th ki supply 2016 ka result kab tak aye ga
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